Dream like a.. Unicorn!

  Yes, you heard it..Β Two days agoΒ I finally received my package! It's been 2 weeks since I ordered it with a major discount through my favourite magazine; Flair! Although, I was waiting with impatience, I expected the package to be coming on the 9th of September 2016 but it came on the 7th. The mailman … Continue reading Dream like a.. Unicorn!


You never know what you have until.. you clean the house!

Do you dream of having a clean house where everything has it's order and place? Do you sometimes get the feeling that you collect more things than moments? Your closet is falling apart or your desk is one big chaos? Well, that's how I felt this week.. It's been a long time since I had … Continue reading You never know what you have until.. you clean the house!

A Latte and a cat please!

  It all started with an idea of aΒ colleague/friend of mine with who I had worked with at my holiday job in a hotel in Czech Republic. We were both hired to work at the bar of the hotel together although we just met each other on the day & night train from Brussels to … Continue reading A Latte and a cat please!

Keep warm and Choc-O-Lait

While August just closed the door and children are going back to school, it's time for me to enjoy the last days of free time. I will tell you how I suddenly walked into something in my own town while I was searching for it for months. So first, I went to see my grandparents, … Continue reading Keep warm and Choc-O-Lait