Keep warm and Choc-O-Lait


While August just closed the door and children are going back to school, it’s time for me to enjoy the last days of free time. I will tell you how I suddenly walked into something in my own town while I was searching for it for months.

So first, I went to see my grandparents, which are just the most charming and loving people that were always there for me. It’s always a pleasure to see their eyes glowing and their hearts jumping when I open the door.

Today they decided they wanted to try out the new “tearoom; Kaffeklasj(English: Coffee talk or small talk) in town which opened on the 1ste of September. – Big smile

My hometown is so small that we are already happy to findย the firstย supermarket after some driving. Our town is filled with little butchers, bakers, banks, cafรฉs, small shops (for flowers, clothes, shoes) and some places where you can find food. Being in Belgium this type of places are always “Fritteries”. A place where people go to eat (big) sticks of potato with a lot of mayonaise and something they call “meat”. As you can read.. I’m not that big fan (anymore!) of “fries” since I’ve started a better lifestyle 1 year ago. I started to eat healthier to achieve my dreams. One year later I can say that I literally am and feel 10 kilo lighter then before.

That said, my grandparents like to eat. And when they eat, they eat a lot and enjoy their food a lot! Real Burgundians who jump on their food like beasts. –HAHA– Today, they wanted to eat “Dutch doughnuts” or deep fried Doughnut balls (Dutch; Oliebollen).

Dutch Doughnuts / Photo credit: Smulweb

My mom and I drove to the new tearoom and were surprised about the size of the tearoom. It was as small as the width of a car.. which is not crazy .. Knowing that the man who opened the tearoom rebuild the old garage of his (passed) mother into this in only one month. The man left his job inย Crete (Greece) to start this up.

And what a magnificent job they did. They managed to even decorate it in the theme of a coffeepot (even the lamps were). It felt like I walked into a small tearoom in the Netherlands and that’s where he found his ideas. (See header image: own picture)

Menu / Photo credit: my own picture

Me and my mom lookedย atย the menuย and we were amazed by the things we could choose from. From all sorts of coffees to all sorts of desserts..ย I ended up making the choice of “Callebaut Caramel Choc-O-Lait”. (There is also normal and white chocolate to choose from).

To be honest, I’ve never been a big coffee-lover. Although, I like a Starbucks once in a while I would never choose for “pure coffee”. Even when I did my holidayjob in August in a company in Brussels I could neverย hit theย “coffee” button on the display of the coffeemachine.. I always search for alternatives like (yes..) water, but also Wiener Special (coffee, choco, milk & maybe a little Sugar). That does it for me, theย ennobled kind of coffee. (What it is to me..)ย 

My Callebaut Caramel Choc-O-Lait / Photo credit: my own picture

So, I ended up with the Choc-O-Lait. It’s basically a type of hot chococate in a new coat. They warm up/boil milk and serve it with a cube of amaaaaaaazing Caramel Chocolate Cube ON a stick. ๐Ÿ™‚ Doesn’t that sound like being in a candy shop where you can play with your food? OK, .. you need to make it yourself but isn’t that the fun part? These years everyone likes to have their things done by someone elseย but as it comes to experiences we like to do it all ourselves, no?

So I put the cube in the hot glass of milk and I spin it around (& lick it in the meanwhile -why not- ) until the cube has melted away and I have an amazing cup of hot chocolate. Even my mother, who took the “Latte Macchiato” thought mine was better than hers. –HAHA

My moms Latte Macchiato / Photo credit: my own picture

As big of a foodie as I am, I took the (free!) waffle frie that I got with my Choc-O-Lait and dipped it in the glass. Anddd wwooww, that was just awesome!

Waffle frie / Photo credit: my own picture

We left and took some “Dutch Doughnuts” and “Dutch Mini Pancakes(Dutch; Poffertjes)with strawberries (!!)ย on a stick with us to enjoy them at home.

Dutch Mini Pancakes with strawberries powdered Sugar on a stick / Photo: credit: my own picture

& all I can say is that it’s a great new place (maybe especially in winter). The food was an eye-opener and the owner is very sweet!

Try it out for yourself !

Zonnestraat X,
9450 Denderhoutem



P.S. If you want you can place your comments below. I would like to know what you foodies think about it! Have you already tried it out? ๐Ÿ™‚


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