A Latte and a cat please!


Our first “cat-encounter” at DreamCATchers / Photo credit: my own picture

It all started with an idea of a colleague/friend of mine with who I had worked with at my holiday job in a hotel in Czech Republic. We were both hired to work at the bar of the hotel together although we just met each other on the day & night train from Brussels to Spiçak (Czech Republic). While the days got by we had the chance to get to know each other and it seemed that we had a lot in common (& even some people guessed that we were sisters -which isn’t true- ).

When we got back home from our holiday job in Czech Republic we decided that it would be a good idea to meet again. Being a cat-lover, she had the perfect place in mind; DreamCATchers, a cat café in Ghent which has just opened doors in June 2016. I was immediately “IN” into the idea. I love to try out new things and places to get new ideas and insights for the future.

The idea of a “cat café” originally comes from Japan. Today you can find one in almost every capital of the world. But DreamCATchers is a little different.. They didn’t like the idea of becoming a commercial place. So they decided to have a café with shelter/adoption cats. That’s right! You can adopt every cat in their café! BUT you don’t have too. If you already have a dozen at home or your husband or wife is a dog-lover, you can just visit the café and thereby support the associations with who they work with. They describe it as “a cup of coffee with a great feeling“. Only 2 euro to enter.

As  we were close to the date of our visit we were worried that we couldn’t make a reservation anymore. Indeed, to enter the cat café, you have to make a reservation on the website; http://wearedreamcatchers.be/cat-cafe/reserveren/ . They work with reservations in the first place to avoid too much fuss for the cats and to ensure everyone has a seat. And our concern was right, only ONE spot left. – SAD SAD FACE – Me and my friend sent an email to the café to ask if we could enter both. And .. –drummmrooll– .. &YESS, we could! We made the reservation and we went!

The reservation process on the website of DreamCATchers / Photo credit: my own picture

Now comes the fun part .. THE VISIT (!!)


The front view of the cat café / Photo credit: HLN

Fifteen minutes before our reservation we arrived at the café, which already looked fascinating from the outside! I felt nervous waiting outside knowing I was going to enter a house filled with fluffy tails and cloudy paws! We already saw a beautiful black one lying there in a basket in front of the window. Then it was time to get in and take our seats/places. Our reservation was at 10 o’clock in the morning –quite early– but we expected waky-waky cats. (Although cats sleep over 16 hours a day.. it looked promising seeing the first cat through the window!)

The title of this blog perfectly describes the feeling I had when we walked into the Cat Café in Ghent, Belgium.

WAKY-WAKY little fluff happiness / Photo credit: my own picture

We received the menu and were astonished about the creativity that they’ve put in the menu. “Latte Miawchiato” or something like that.. All amazing references (which I can’t repeat or pronounce I’m afraid).. And so we both took the “Latte Miawchiato”. (The first time I didn’t care about the drink being a coffee –HAHA– ) At our table we could find some cat-friendly cactusses (GREAT!), some cat cards and a book filled with cat comics. (More about that later on..)

Our table at DreamCATchers / Photo credit: my own picture

As most of the cats were still sleeping we tried to make the best out of the situation. (Before negative comments,..) They are not caged animals, they are free to go and sleep wherever they want. That’s the beauty in this kind of places. They respect what is and let be. Some cats have lived/survived bad circumstances and have their own story. What will happen at your visit? No one knows, but if something happens, you are the one who is going to see it with your own eyes.

The café is rather classic and peaceful and perfectly adapted to the little fluffy animals living there. Sometimes it feels like I walked into my grandmother’s house with the old retro chairs and the heavenly colour of the walls. I can say that they really have made it all catfriendly with walking and grabbing poles all over the place.

We played with the cats and enjoyed our time..

Meet Max Jule II above. This fatty has his own story and doesn’t trust people but with his toy I embraced the chance of opening his heart to me. & We had a great play! (Although, I just did all the work and he smacked his body up and down to grab it.. –lazy player-)

We even took time to look at the things on our table. Take a look at the fascinating ones we found there: – Big smile

Even going to the toilet had his own little details..

Here are some of the waiting buddies..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think we can all agree that if we could (meaning: have a big house, a lot of money and eternal time) we would adopt them all and take them into our homes and cuddle, love, care..

I’m happy to have shared this great new experience with you guys!

If you are interested in knowing more or like to adopt a cat, see their website: http://wearedreamcatchers.be/ or follow them on Instagram (be_dreamcatchers).



P.S. Would you do it? Why or why not? If you have ever visited or want to visit a Cat Café tell me all about it! I would like to read your stories about it!

Schepenhuisstraat 17
9000 Ghent

Photo header credit: my own picture


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