You never know what you have until.. you clean the house!

Do you dream of having a clean house where everything has it’s order and place? Do you sometimes get the feeling that you collect more things than moments? Your closet is falling apart or your desk is one big chaos? Well, that’s how I felt this week..

It’s been a long time since I had one week off for myself and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Everytime I look at my closet I die a little inside.. It’s full, full of nice things but also things I used to like in the past. Some things don’t fit me or my life anymore..

But why do/did I keep these things? ..

Well, mostly emotional, lack of time, weightloss of 10 kilos..EXCUSES!Β Today IΒ found a jacket I wore when I was 13..!! I’m 20-something now and I still keep stuff from when I was 13? Really, I must be a collector, or so I feel. A lot of stuff is also too big for me.. After my weightloss of the past year, many things I loved or likedΒ to wear are too big. Sometimes I try them on but I just look silly with them. One thing in me just doesn’t want to throw it away because it’s easy to get 10 kilos back.. but on the other hand if I think like this.. It will eventually come that far.

SO, it was time to do something about it! I felt inspired reading this blogpost of Courtney Carver: about how to clean your closet and just tried it.

It took it all out and made piles.. I cleaned my desk and threw away what wasn’t necessary anymore.. And to be honest at first it felt really bad to throw things away but after a while (day 2; Yes, I had a lot of stuff -& the beginning is always the hardest)Β I enjoyed it and saw the free space I created! [I FELT FREE]

I filled up to 4 garbage bags of stuff and put them out. The things I loved I put back where they belong and I took a second look at the things I wasn’t sure of..

Some things I threw away and others I kept in a box.. NO, not to keep! Because of all the free time I have this week I thought of something else. I’ll be going to a jumble sale / flea market this Friday and I hope to sell some of the things that had a lot of worth to me to someone whoΒ would like it too. It’s going to be an evening market combined with a funfair and a flea market. So, I hope I can reach a lot of people.. I’ll keep you guys posted!

AND if this doesn’t work, you say? Well, .. –let me think about that– .. than I will donate it and make someone happy who isn’t lucky in life..



P.S. I might shop for the things I want after the flea market.. there are some things on my list.. -HAHA- .. Come on! Everyone has “A LIST”, of things they would like for the moment.

P.S.1. Tell me, have you ever felt this way and did something about it of you don’t know how? Have you ever been on flea market / jumble sale? How was it? Would you do it again?

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