Dream like a.. Unicorn!

Photo credit: my own picture


Yes, you heard it..Β Two days agoΒ I finally received my package! It’s been 2 weeks since I ordered it with a major discount through my favourite magazine; Flair!

Although, I was waiting with impatience, I expected the package to be coming on the 9th of September 2016 but it came on the 7th.

The mailman came and I saw that he had a cubic box in his hands.. – What could that be? – I had to sign for it and I took it in. I immediately took it with me outside because I couldn’t wait to open it. – Presents, aarrgh

Don’t you ever feel like this when your online packages / orders finally arrive? The tension, the excitement, the relief, that instant “happy mood”..

The package was quite heavy (I even weighted it.. it weighs 3 kilo!) Sorry, but that is a lot! I was thinking about taking this precious “littlepiece of happiness with me on our next holiday from New York to Miami.. (which will be in less than one weekWOHOO-) but now I’m rethinking that thought..

You must have seen it all over Instagram, maybe even Facebook or other social media networks.. –drummroll– the floating creatures! I was so happy I could buy one from my magazine’s discount page because it’s really difficult to order them and get them shipped.. When I ordered mine, theyΒ were almost sold out!

In my package there is a big white with Rainbow tail floating Unicorn! (On the website there was also the flamingo -sold out-, a pizza point and an ananas.)

Believe me.. I really wanted to show you guys how it looked, even uninflated.. but it was almost impossible because the plastic is sticky and all rolled up..

But this would be the result (if inflated – which will be a lot of work to inflateΒ -)..

So, I will be thinking of taking it with me on my holiday.. even though I bought it for that reason and it will be impossible for me to leave without it.. – But you already know I will be taking it..



P.S. Do you like it? Do you have one yourself? Would you buy one of give it as a gift? Where would you take or did you take it?

Photo header credit:Β Shopify


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