It’s never too late to make things right!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the year 2017!

I was thinking to myself.. a new year.. why not take it as a new chance to make things right! And by making things right I mean, reboot my life! It’s been 4 months (!!) since my last post. Yes, I know. I’m ashamed.. Now you’re asking yourself where has this person been all that time?

Kidnapped, sick, on a travel or was he/she in a corner of the world where they don’t have electronics? NO, NO and sadly NO! What happend? Sadly, the answer will bore you.. Life happend..

Let’s start at the beginning..

My last post was in September 2016.. This month was especially busy; taking a holiday courseΒ in mathematics (to be prepared for university), 2 weeks of roadtripping from New York to Miami, starting classes and we got a new dog [I will try to post about our new dog]..

In September 2016 I started my preparation year to start my masters degree. I already reached my first bachelor degree in June 2016Β but I was thinking to myself that I’m capable of more.

My points were great and study wasn’t that hard so I decided to go through with it. But starting a masters degree at university was going to be though. I knew that. I didn’t make illusions, it wasn’t going to be easy this time. To be honest I was never great in mathematics, without saying I was actually bad at it.. I got through High School thinking I wanted to get my degree without mathematics but this is impossible at theΒ university.

I collected all my courage and self-optimism to start the first holiday course, which wasn’t that bad. Right after the course I made my suitcase and left on a roadtrip with my boyfriend from New York to Miami. [I will try to post about our roadtrip from New York to Miami]

Two weeks of travel. Two beautiful weeks of sightseeing. Two beautiful weeks of all the great things USA has to offer. BUT..

There is ALWAYS a “but” .. There’s no story without a “but”, or it isn’t a story right?

To make things short, me and my boyfriend we didn’t travel alone. We started the trip with another couple and a friend. We got along fine that year so we were really looking forward to go on a trip all together. At first, everything was fine, we had a great time! Until the moment I learned a new lesson in life. People are not always who they seem that they are, even in a way that can dissappoint you a lot. It looked like we couldn’t get along anymore and irritations came along the way. I never had this kind of misunderstanding with other people I travelled with before.

Everything went fine but you know what they say; “When you travel with someone, you really get to knowΒ them better“. That’s the reason why they say that travel is a good way to test your relationship and I can say ours is still surviving, 7 years (!!)Β this June.

To make a long story short, the trip ended with a serious discussion and a separation. They didn’t even have the respect to give us all the photos that they’ve promised us along the road.. Since the day we landed back in our home country,.. I haven’t seen them, I haven’t talked to them and to be honest I don’t really want to either. Something is “broken“. It’s like now I really know how they are that we can’t be friends anymore because their personalities don’t collide with ours anymore.

That was enough depth into my life for today. The period that followed I justΒ went to university. I got to know a lot of great people and learned where I came for. But I don’t need to deny that it were; Long days, long weeks, long months.. Little time for myself, my friends or the things I like. This semester has made me grow up a little more, knowing that I’m doing this for the greater good. I think I lost a piece of myself, the piece that once thought that I was invincible.

Today I just got through the worst part of the exams and I’m slowly thinking about putting my life back in order. REBOOTING my life..

What were the things I liked? What were the things I wanted to do but didn’t have time for? Who am I again? I hope that writing again will encourage that and make me take my life back in my own hands. One thing I know for sure, this will never happen to me again. I will not let things get in my way and just go with the flow. Action-reaction.

I still have big dreams, a long bucketlist and a great positive mind about the future. I will try to continue with the things I didn’t finish 4 months ago and tell you about things that are happening now.



P.S. 2017.. It still feels weird to write it down to be honest. I’m sure going to make the “2016-mistake” multiple times.. 2016 was a big year of change.. I hope 2017 will bring hope, friendship and love. That we are all spared of great loses and only take the opportunities and make something great out of them.



Photo header: Acep Cape


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