Holy Food and mouth-watering ice cream…

Hello Hello Hello,

I hope you are all doing fine sweeties!

Let’s start with a quote.. No, I mean two quotes.. πŸ˜‰

  1. My head says go to the gym but my heart says eat more ice cream.

    SO TRUE, don’t lie, you’re in the same boat.

  2. Life is like an ice cream cone you have to lick it one day at a time… And like one good friend of mine always says β€œIf I liked it, it’s mine!”.

    AGAIN, SO TRUE! You know the carpe diem thing is like getting old, I’m going to use this one instead!

Well, now the β€œice” is broken –haha– we’ll head on to the point where I will tell you some tasteful things you can’t escape from.. (Except if you click the red box with the cross on the right ofcourse.. But I’m sure you wouldn’t!) ….

Classes were done early this week (don’t get enthusiastic, it was only one day and one hour) and one of my best friends and IΒ were wondering if we would go home or have one more drink or something to eat..

Since two weeksΒ I added aΒ new item on my bucket list. At the same time a new place for foodies opened in Ghent called, The Holy Food Market. Two weeks ago the place opened with a fabulous β€œopening weekend” but I already had plans.. (Shame on me..) But I really needed to go and discover this paradise for foodies. (& Yes, I am one! I just love food! If my bf ever turns into food I wouldn’t mind..)

The reason why I’m so excited is because it’s the first time something like this opened in Ghent and because they located it in a 16th century old chapel! The Baudelochapel in the Gentse Ottogracht was transformed into a covered market with different food stalls. The Holy Food Market is inspired by the food market stalls in Barcelona, Copenhagen and Rotterdam.

Location of the food market ~Address: Beverhoutplein 15, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

The food market was not far from the center of Ghent and we reached it very easily by bike. Once there, the entrance already amazed me!

Entrance of the food market

Once inside, the first thing you see is a lovely colorful chocolate shop filled with chocolate desserts and macarons!





When we walked further we came into the center of the chapel. The chapel had a beautiful modern interior. The walls of the chapel where covered with marble stone which is one of the best trends of the moment. – Who doesn’t love marble? – It’s so clean but also so cracked.. It always reminds me of the window tablets we had for ages in my parents house. You know what it is with trends.. they fluctuate.. They’re in and the next they are out.. You have to be quick -haha- But the marble trend is remaining for the moment!

The chapel is filled with 17 food stalls which will surprise all your senses. From avocado to Beirut street food. Every stall was beautifully decorated in their own theme although all the stalls had the same look from the side. In the middle of the room was an enormous majestic bar! Above the bar where beautiful lights and spots. On this website you can see all the food entrepreneurs which can be found inside: http://holyfoodmarket.be/food-entrepreneurs/ .

My friend and I cracked when we saw the Magnum Pleasure food stall. – Who can resist an ice cream covered with toppings and chocolate you can choose yourself? There was a long queue in front of the food stall which gave us the time to choose! The Magnum Pleasure food stall did not only sell amazing Magnum ice creams but also Bubble waffles. && for those who can’t hold themselves from trying both there’s even a combination of both the Magnum ice cream with toppings and the Bubble waffle!

We chose the Magnum with 3 toppings which was only 4,50 euros! That’s cheap! We will definitely come back soon and taste some other great food stalls! Enjoy the pictures sweeties!



Pictures of our visit:

So what are you waiting for? NOTHING! Well go ahead! Don’t wait any longer!




PS My Magnum was white on the inside, had a brown chocolate coat and was topped with cuberdon, oreo, marshmallows and white chocolate sauce. (The right one on the picture where you can see two ice creams!)

PS There’s also a food market called “Mercado” in Antwerp (in Belgium) and there will be one soon in Leuven called “Hal 5”. -I’ll keep you posted and will try them out! πŸ˜‰ –


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