Oh la la.. What a sexy dish ..

Welcome back sweeties! 😉

It may or may not surprise you but today’s post will be about food. (DUH) Maybe I only speak for myself when I say this but, to me, we Belgians (Yes, I live in Belgium.), we’re still burgundians/food lovers like in the old days. I just love food.. Belgians love food..!

But eating everything you like is of course not the healthy way of living.. so these last couple of days I’m on a “seafood diet“.. Yeah, I know.. I see you guys thinking behind your screens.. (Don’t you frown at me!) What is she up to? Seafood? But I have to tell you it’s quite easy and everyone can do it. So I’ll tell you what I do: “I see food”.. and I eat it.. -haha- (I got you there!)

Enough jokes for today..   This week my bf and I visited a new hotspot in our country (Belgium)! After spending a lot of days and hours at uni, behind my desk, on my bike in the rain (don’t laugh!), on the train.. The sun came out and it was finally time to use some spare time to have a great day together. FINALLY!! You can’t feel the relief I felt when it was finally weekend. The choice where to go wasn’t that hard. I suggested to go to Antwerp because we don’t go there very regulary.

We strolled down the streets of Antwerp; on the Meir, Groenplaats, etc.. We did some shopping and loaded our batteries in the sun.. But yeah.. A foodie has to do what a foodie has to do.. It wasn’t that hard to find an amazing place to eat. We strolled down Korte Gasthuisstraat and saw the long queue in front of a cute little shop. I knew it, it was finally open!!

The box at the door which holds the books in which you can read about all the different kinds of fries and drinks you can try. 

It took some time but the first “Frites Atelier” has opened in Belgium! Normally, it was going to open around the end of January/beginning of February but there was some delay. (Haven’t heard why.. Can’t know everything..) Frites Atelier started in Amsterdam with the idea of taking the best potato varieties from Zeeland (a province in the Netherlands) and make you crave for the flavors. Frites Atelier teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Sergio Herman who is known for his many well-running restaurants and his fame or reputation for being an amazing jury member with a lot of knowledge in some famous culinary TV shows on the television channel VTM. He’s the one who gave the classic fries an imaginative twist. Sergio Herman is a dutch well-known chef who wants to elevate the fries/frites to a higher level.

If you are reading this and you are not familiar with “the fries/frites culture” in Belgium, I’ll introduce you to an important aspect of our food culture! (But first of all shame on you 😉 no I’m just kidding!) Fries are known in other countries as “French fries“, although they aren’t French.. You’ll never hear a Belgian say that their fries are French.. In Belgium we have frites shops or friteries like we call them. You’ll find at least one in every small corner of every town or city but remember they can’t be confused with McDonalds or Quick.. A friterie is a small shop where you can buy (fastfood/) fries with all sorts of sauces and specialities. The most common form to eat fries is to eat it with some special “friterie meat“. These kinds of meat can’t be compared with other types of meat you can buy at a butcher or eat in a restaurant. It’s usual for Belgians to buy some fries at a friterie at least once a week. Some people even eat it more.. (Don’t look at me like that!)


How a friterie looks in Belgium.


The friterie meats.


How most Belgians eat their fries.

Now you are familiar with our culture I’ll tell you more about our visit. We decided to stand in line and try the elevated fries. We both ate a lot of fries in the past so we were very excited and expected something big or unknown. It didn’t take us very long to wait in the queue until a waiter at the door took our order. At the door there’s a little box where you can read about all the different sorts of fries and drinks they serve before you enter. The payment happens at the door/outside. The waiter took our order and we pushed ourselves inside. (There were sooooo many people!)

The shop was very small and people where everywhere.. People sitting at the few tables which where inside and people waiting for their order. We got our drinks very quickly and didn’t have to wait for to long until our order was ready. Inside you could see the chefs decorating the fries like in a real restaurant, very detailed and quick. Every piece which left their counter looked like a new master piece of Picasso. “My compliments to the chef!”

So, now our order. My bf and I chose to try some different types of fries to taste the difference. I took the “Sergio Herman’s seasonal special” and my bf took the “Flemish beef stew” and we both took a homemade lemonade with ananas (for only 3 euro).

Our order.


The Sergio Herman’s seasonal special costed 6.50 euros and served fries with Kimchi, crunchy wonton, sriracha, Greek yoghurt, furikake and curry mayonaise.

The Sergio Herman’s seasonal special.


I loved the look of this dish a lot. The chefs really elevated the fries as we know it to another level and the taste was phenomenal!

The Flemish beef stew costed 8.00 euros and 8.75 with extra mayonnaise and served fries with beef stew in old brown table beer. The dish was decorated with cress and mustard seed.

The Flemish beef stew with old brown table beer.

Beef stew is very popular in Belgium and in my family we eat it quite regularly. Beef stew is mostly meat surrounded by an amazing sauce made from table beer. It also can be related to the Goulash which is known in Hungary. This beef stew by Sergio Herman felt like an angel pissing on my tongue.. (A saying in Dutch) One of the best one’s I ever ate!

We didn’t choose for the “Indo Peanut” for 5.75 or 6.50 with extra mayonnaise because of a particular personal reason. That reason is me and my digestive problems. I never eat nuts or seeds. I would love to, but I can’t. I know they are very healthy and you can see them in most (instagram) breakfasts, salades and sometimes even on sandwiches.. That said, it doesn’t mean the taste wouldn’t be good!

Last but not least, fries without sauce would be like Trump without his toupette. Some things can’t be thorn away from eachother. That said, we could find some amazing sauce dispensers on the right side of the shop. We could choose from all different kinds of homemade sauces like: Andalouse, Classic (Mayonnaise), Basil, Bearnaise and Truffle. These last three are not that common to eat in friteries so we experimented! The funny part is that one little push almost caused a flooding of the whole shop with truffle sauce. We took our dishes outside and ate them on one of the big tables standing outside.

You got hungry reading this post? You are curious how (Sergio’s) fries taste?

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Go and visit! You won’t regret it!

Enjoy some more pictures of our visit (and probably the first pictures ever on this blog with me on it):



P.S. If you want to know what’s on the Indo Peanut version you can always ask me, I don’t bite! (If I’m not hungry..  😉 .. JOKE!)

P.S. There’s also the option to only take fries (and a sauce) without anything else. This only costs 3.50.

P.S. Frites Atelier can only be found in the Netherlands or in Belgium (see the addresses below)

P.S. If you are planning to visit or already visited the “Frites Atelier”, let me know in the comments below! 😉


The Netherlands

~ The Hague – Venestraat 7

~Utrecht – Steenweg 56

~Arnhem – Vijzelstraat 16


~ Antwerp – Korte Gasthuisstraat 32


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