Salty vibes over here..

Hello sweeties!

Here I am again! You might have thought you lost me again.. Which is far from true. Conversely even, I worked on a lot of projects lately! I’m working out my own style and way of writing! And I reached 1K followers on Instagram! (I’m still trying to figure out to link my Instagram profile to my blog, tell me!!) But there are also non-blog related facts that caused this..

UPDATE ON SELF: Yesterday I went to the doctor to finally address my back problems which hurt almost every day since December. In the beginning I thought it was just because I was sitting too much to study for my exams.. but you know those are already over for like 3 months now sooo.. *eyebrow lifting* .. The problems resulted in having troubles sitting, standing and sometimes even problems in the area of the shoulder and the neck. It might surprise you but at the moment I’m sitting on a pillow, above a pillow, above a pillow on a very soft desk chair.. Which hurts my lower back a lot.. And standing,Β sitting, walking .. it all hurts. I even feel the bumbs of a car into the deepest of my bones..Β I think you get my point..Β -This is not good..- The doctor told me that I probably suffer an inflammation in my lower back spine.. More about that will be known after they make the X-rays on Tuesday.. Hopefully it can be solved very easily and quick because in 4 weeks I’ll be sitting for a while (more than 1 month) to study for my June exams..

So SALTY VIBES it is for today. I’m soooooo looking forward to summer! Really, I’m already in the mood for the sun, dresses, sunnies, drinks and beaches.. You can take that lastΒ one very seriously! I’ll be going to a beach this summer! And not just a beach! My bf and I, we decidedΒ after some troubles in the past (read previous posts to get the clue) that we go on a holiday ourselves.. It didn’t take me very long.. (Being a traveljunky) to find the best, cheapest andΒ perfect fit for us.Β It includes the flight, the transfer to the hotel and theΒ hotel itself.


We’ll be going to A R U B A!


Isn’t that lovely? One of the ABC-islands above Venezuela. We both love a holiday which offers peace, lovely beaches and cocktails but we also both love to discover and be active. Aruba is perfect to enjoy both! We’ve planned a lot of watersports, trips on land and times on the beach. If you ever been to Aruba and have any suggestions, don’t hesitate and comment below! We would love to hear your tips and tricks!

Pictures of Aruba:

When your holiday is going to the beach it’s necessary to wear appropriate beachwear! Luckily for me I teamed up with Elsa & Rose which offers amazing, dazzling and quality bikinis at an amazing price! To make the offer even more beautiful I have a discount code which you can use until tomorrow 24th of April 2017 and receive 15% discount!

Still not convinced? Look at these:

==> Go to their website and use the code “MARISSASORGELOOS15” at checkout to get your discount!

I can’t wait to wear one of their Mermaid bikinis in Aruba!

Enjoy sweeties! Have a great day!



P.S. Be quick, the offer ends tomorrow!

P.S. I’ll be looking forward to see your amazing pictures in these bikinis!


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