Review: A liquid hug for your brain..

Hello sweeties! 😉

For the ones who are new to my blog, “Welcome!” and for the ones who come here more often, “Welcome back and thank you for taking time to read my posts! You are great!“.

This said..  Today I want to share with you my story and my experience.. and maybe I can inspire someone who didn’t have the courage until now to undertake steps or was just waiting for this little signal to get started.

I know I already promised you guys to tell you my story about my “chubby period” and I will! I promise you! But this blogpost I want to focus on this last (past) month and a small aspect of getting in the direction where you want to be.

I think we all know the feeling that when it’s the Holiday season and there’s lots of food on the table we can’t resist, right? –Yeah, also you who’s nodding.. We all know what you do when you get home..– So after these days have passed and you survived the, like most people call it, “the depressing months” we gained some extra pounds from comfort food and parties we had to get to to celebrate the New Year. And for students like me, who have exams in January, it’s even harder. When you are studying and you leave your desk to walk around (especially in my case, because I do it 24/7) we think about food and the things we take are easy, from cookies to a little ice cream Mommy prepared so sweet.

I think I made my point.. So after that period the sun starts shining again and “wow” .. we can wear less covering clothes.. (Which should better hide what they were hiding..) .. The extra pounds start to show and we feel like something has to be done! At the end of March I was done with it.. the balance showed 2 extra kilos which I worked so hard for to get rid off.  So suddenly I saw someone posting about SkinnyCoffee on Instagram (I think we all did.. -haha-) and I was interested.

For the one’s who don’t know what SkinnyCoffee is all about, I’ll tell you! 😉

SkinnyCoffee is organic and boasts a range of ingredients. These ingredients were chosen because of their fat burning properties by putting the body into a thermogenic state as well as boosting antioxidant levels in the body so it removes free radicals allowing your body to absorb nutrients from your food and making weight loss easier when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from the weight loss benefits you can also be helped with feelings of bloating, feeling more energised and feeling not sluggish. So you see, SkinnyCoffee isn’t just a revolutionary weight loss program but also offers a lot more advantages. For people who want to check the ingrediënt list, it can be found here: .

Yes, I get you. Just like me, you are sceptical everytime you hear about a weight loss program or any diet at all because you tried them,.. and they’ve failed!

So I decided to order my 28 day program and see for myself! Curious how it went? Here are my experiences!

–> This blogpost is written by myself about my own experiences. No one asked me to write certain things and no one helped me write it. Thank you!

At the end of March I ordered my 28 day Program and got an email it would reach me in 3-5 days (EU). Two-three days later I was surprised to find the package in my mail! That was quick! –Once a card from Belgium (where I live) had to reach me and it reached England first.. Oh, the mail, it surprises me every day!

This picture can’t be used without any permission!

Now I received it I couldn’t wait to start but then I remembered that in the email I’ve got there was an amazing schedule and foodprogram (with recipes) (for the one’s who like) which you could follow if you didn’t have anything to keep on.

Let’s say I know myself.. I can’t be kept in a cage and I can’t keep myself to a daily step by step description what I have to do.. but for people who can and/or need that it’s very convenient en very accurate!

So, I read all the schedules and foodprograms and decided to keep myself to the ingredients list they wrote “would be the best to combine with the program to get the best results” and keep myself to a daily goal of daily steps.

I’m always behind my desk, on the train, in class and I never take time to take a walk so I thought this would be great (also for my lower back problems).

And last but not least I told myself to start the program at the beginning of the Easter Break Holiday so I had time to focus on what I eat and to do the walks.

This picture can’t be used without any permission!

I think there are a few questions which are on your mind right now, which I will answer right away!

You are thinking: How does this 28 day Program from SkinnyCoffee work?

Well, it’s quite simple and easy and not like any other weight loss program I heard about in the past. It’s as simple as “I start my day with a coffee“, a SkinnyCoffee. I make myself some hot boiling water and take something to make tea (a weird kind of spoon; the specific name slips me, sorry!) and put some SkinnyCoffee into the (weird) spoon. Ready to be put in the boiling water, I wait a few minutes and start drinking! As easy as that! (There are more ways to drink it..)

So this thing..

You are thinking: How does this SkinnyCoffee taste?

Well, quite surprisingly (because I don’t like my coffee too strong) it didn’t taste harsh or bitter (which made me very happy). Also the smell coming from the package makes me happy every morning (I’m not a morning person so this means a lot!). Normally I pour some milk or sugar into my coffee but I read in the information you should better not drink it with milk but if you can’t leave it behind use almond milk or coconut milk. But to me, this coffee doesn’t need anything more to have a better taste. I mostly drink it without anything else in it.

You are thinking (especially the ones who are as hungry as I am) : What can and can’t I eat?

I know many people are devoted to their fries one day a week (Belgians) or can’t think about a day without anything with sugar.. Well, then I need to dissappoint you.. You are not going to see results if you think this coffee can solve it while you are eating like a gorilla. This isn’t a magic spell which will solve all your chubby problems if you don’t want to adjust (a little).

So, I tried to avoid a lot of milk (I like milk, rice pudding (a lot) and cheese..), drink a lot of water everyday (you should already to hydrate your skin) and eat some ingredients which I didn’t eat so much before.

I also didn’t eat too much sugar (so no coockies, but still a lot of fruit (which also contains a lot of sugar)). I already said no (a while ago) to soft drinks like Coca-Cola and others. I will occassionally drink them but I don’t need to. I also never been a big lover of candy or candy bars but everything else is yummy for my tummy!

I started to eat a lot of salmon, avocado (a nice discovery!), eggs, chicken and vegetables I rediscovered!

This picture can’t be used without any permission!

You are thinking: Did she only undertake some walks to get this result?

Well, yeah.. I didn’t do any running if that’s what you are thinking.. (I can’t because of my lower back problems). I just tried to reach the 10.000 steps a day goal.

On my way to school, I’m in the car, on the train but I bike to Uni and all the locations we have classes in. (I never been a big bike-lover so this is a workout to me -haha- with all those high slopes in Ghent (where I study).)

You are thinking: Which results did she met with this 28 day Program of SkinnyCoffeeClub?

These are my results after the 28 day Program of SkinnyCoffeeClub.. Sorry for the comfy outfits but I took these pictures on cosy moments at home.

I managed to lose the extra 2 kilos from the exams and Holidays and even a little more. At first I didn’t see a lot change on the balance but I did see it in the size of my pants which became looser.. But at the end of the program I reached these goals. I’m so happy! I know I’m not ‘that’ chubby (anymore) but losing the extra kilos which you got back feels so satisfying! I can definetly recommend SkinnyCoffeeClub as a good way to lose some kilos.

Apart from that I feel more energised and don’t have such a bloating feeling anymore after I’ve eaten something with a lot of fat or sugar, which I did have before I started the program.

You are thinking: How can I reach these results myself?

Just go to and order your coffee for the period you like! And for all of you who want to enjoy a little discount, use my code “MARISSA20” at checkout and receive 20% discount! Isn’t that amazing?

So, stop thinking about it and start doing.. The clock is ticking,.. still enough time to finish an amazing SkinnyCoffee program before the beginning of Summer.

So what about me? I’m still going to use the program because I’ll soon start the second semester exams andyou know what that means:.. cheats (not on school but on food) & in July I want to look good on the beaches of Aruba with my bf ofcourse!

So, thank you for reading my story! I hope your sceptisism is as little as mine is at the moment after seeying these results and start your own!

If you have any more questions or you would like me to tell you more about any tips or tricks tell me! I’m here for you and happy to help you out!



P.S. All information and pictures mentioned on this blogpost can’t be used for any action without permission from me on this blog or on my Instagram account @marissasorgeloos. These results were reached with SkinnyCoffee alone and can’t be used for another weight loss program!


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