Bucket List


  1. Visit a cat cafΓ© and be surrounded by cats β˜€
  2. Try a hot chocolate made of warm milk and a cube of chocolate (Choc-O-Lait)Β  β˜€
  3. Having a floating unicorn β˜€
  4. Summer goal: become a mermaid ☼   -SOON-
  5. Roadtrip East-Coast USA (New York to Florida) ☼   -SOON-
  6. Become 21 (a legal grown-up around the globe) ☼   -SOON-
  7. Try freakshakes (enormous, amazing milkshakes with too much calories) ☼   -SOON-
  8. Make customized t-shirts ☼
  9. Try popcorn with sour cream and chive ☼
  10. Swim with Dolphins ☼
  11. Eat a bubblewaffle ☼
  12. Go to the Holy Food Market in Ghent [Belgium] β˜€
  13. Eat a Magnum from the Magnum Pleasure store β˜€
  14. Go to London for a day ☼
  15. Try Coffee Scrub ☼
  16. Go to Disney World ☼


Photo header credit: Manners.nl